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  1. Shinee - Lucifer. Currently making a dance video too. LOL
  2. Anyone into K-POP? this news might shock you. It involves Kpop Girl Group T-ara's youngest member Jiyeon Source allkpop.com http://www.allkpop.com/2010/10/netizen-detectives-claim-to-have-evidence-jiyeon-was-in-video-strip-chat I for one would to see this video for myself and I'll be the judge. But from the screencaps posted on the website. It surely looks like her. You can alter anything and everything in your face and your body, but even with modern science and all it's glory, it still cannot remove a Mole.
  3. Another law that has been drafted out of public controversy. Funny. First was the law that was passed because of the sex tape scandal of a doctor and a high class prosti(or so they say) slash(/) actress. Now another law drafted because of the Philippine flag was upside down in America. Stupid. Mga kankongressman natin eh ang gusto ata, bawat scandalo gagawan ng batas. Puro walang alam gawin kundi magpa pansin sa tao para i boto sa susunod na halalan. mga ung**!
  4. Unfortunately. This is nothing new. This happens to all. Filipinos are just force to "SUCK IT UP" because the choice is either having job whatever the stipulation is, or die of starvation. The bigger the company, the bigger the abuse.
  5. Bringing a new star in will be inevitable. In any case, I would not want the guy to rush into filming too. I would rather see him live cancer free. Fans would also be understanding too I suppose. Well if it was me, I would welcome the replacement and will continue to watch spartacus. I watch it for the story anyway.
  6. Nine Muses - No Playboy 720p A new 9 member girl group has arrived! This new girl group boast an ave member height of 5'7" Being a nine member group, the comparisons to SNSD are bound to happen and is currently receiving a lot of hate from die hard SNSD fanboys. Which I expect they would be because not only that Nine Muses are hell of a lot Hotter, Taller, Sexier then SNSD, but their debut single was written by non other than the genuis himself, Park Jin Young (JYP) Watch and judge for yourself. http://hotfile.com/dl/64201634/3fdc111/_(Nine_Muses)_-_No_Playboy_MV_(720p).mp4.html
  7. 4-Minute I My Me Mine (Korean Version) Probably the sexiest 4-minute MV yet. http://hotfile.com/dl/60948988/6d00a56/4MINUTE_-_I_My_Me_Mine_M_V_(720p).mp4.html
  8. The position listed in my Singapore Employment Pass is "Desktop Support Engineer"
  9. Laya lang may sa demonyo tlga si silva eh. hndi ka din pwede suntok ng suntok sa knya kc iiwasan nya lng lht tps mg counter punch. eh mpka heavy handed ni silva na kht mere armpunch nkkpag patumba ng kalaban. Sana nga manalo si sonnen. Kung hndi, eh dpt tlga mag middleweight na si GSP
  10. I would think so. If you think of it in their perspective. It will be beneficial to capitalize on this opportunity. Since there is no choice for users but to use something to seal that gap beetween the antennas to use the device. From the latest video I have watched by Techno Buffalo. He did mention that he is already using InviShield on his iPhone 4 and it did not at all help with the reception issue. He mentioned he is still experiencing dropped calls. Maybe a new Invisishield specifically meant for the antennagate might appear in the future.
  11. 2NE1 - Try to follow me After their phenomenal debut in 2009. 2NE1 has been on hiatus this 2010. But before the end of the 1st quarter. YG entertainment decided to give us 2NE1 fans a treat by making an Offical MvVfor their song "Try to follow me" which is actually just meant to be a song for their CF for "Samsung Corby" The MV is very good and very well produced, something to expect from YG entertainment as creative and well produced MV's are one of their specialty. This MV is also very special for 2NE1 as the whole choreography for the song was created by the girls themselves. Something 2NE1 and their fan club the "blackjacks" are very proud of. http://hotfile.com/dl/55854726/5376ce0/2NE1_-_FOLLOW_ME_(Official_MV)_HD_(HD).avi.html
  12. SNSD/Girls' Generation - Run Devil Run Released in 2010. The song concept was actually a first for Sm entertainments 9 kpop princesses as this will be the firs time they will adopt a "Dark Concept" with Dark makeup, Dark Couture, plus the song itself is a first as they sang a song about revenge to an "oppa" (Literal meaning is brother but also used for boyfriend) This song did not come out without controversy as initially it was thought to be plagiarized and was an original "Kesha" song. The truth was Kesha sang Run Devil Run English version as a Demo so that SM Entertainment will have a brief understanding of the song and how it goes about. The song, from the get go, has been created for SM Entertainment, and not all a song for Kesha. http://hotfile.com/dl/55663853/c950f39/SNSD_-_Run_Devil_Run(MV)_(HD).avi.html
  13. Kara - Lupin Debut in 2007 alongside the Wonder Girls and SNSD/Girls' Generation but was only able to receive popular success in 2009 with the song "Mister" followed up in 2010 with the release of this song Lupin. The song is based on the famous fictional thief Arsène Lupin writen by Maurice Leblanc. For us in the philippines, his grandson Lupin III will be more known . http://hotfile.com/dl/55649127/96367a8/1080p_HD_KARA_-_Lupin_MV_(HD).avi.html
  14. 640 X 960 in a 3.5 screen is really ridiculous. So ridiculous that now when looking at a handphone screen, your eyes feel like it is reading a magazine. This is truly brilliant !! So... what is next? It's no doubt that iphone4 has now paved way to the endless possibilities in the advancement of mobile phone screen resolutions. Just weeks ago there is rumored device, the next galaxy S, will have a resolution of 1280 x 720. Are you freaking kidding me!! Yes it would sound really amazing, but c'mon that is SICK! even for a let say 4' screen, those are so densely packed pixels we are talking about here. and let's us not forget the screen technologies behind it. Iphone has the LG electronics IPS display, and Samsung has it's now Super AMOLED, of which they are already ready for the next generation of it, the Super AMOLED 2, which is rumored to be used in that 1280x720 screen. let me hear your opinions on this, are these hi-res on small screens really necessary and what will be the real benefits for us end users for these.
  15. After all the fiasco that is iPhone 4 reception issue. Steve Jobs finally came clean and admitted that they where not perfect. Although he did say that not all phones are perfect too. Good thing he did not say that all people in the world especially iphone 4 users are not perfect. Anyway, are you really digging this "solution" Free cases to all. You must take note that the free cases will not be the Bumper case as they cannot produce massive quantities of it. Quite pathetic that the when they launched the phone they are flaunting it's new revolutionary classy design, and yet once you buy the 60.000 peso phone (I assume this will be the price). You cannot flaunt that design as you will not be able to make any calls once you held the death grip. And since you will not have the bumper case, in the end you will still have a phone that will look like the rest of the OLD iphone line once it's in a case. pathetic. What are your thoughts about this?
  16. I'm not really digging it. ryan reynolds as green lantern. He is playing Hal Jordan Correct? Oh well, I will still be watching it though. Lets just hope the movie is Good.
  17. This can be a nice turn. And also let not forget that on the firs transformers movie there was footage capture of a decepticon wrecking that robotic probe in the moon
  18. New Girl Group from JYP ENT. The same company as Wonder Girls Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl http://hotfile.com/dl/55435806/8a21234/M_V_miss_A_Bad_Girl_Good_Girl_from_BAD_BUT_GOOD_(HD).avi.html
  19. Wonder Girls. Two Different Tears Debut Stage http://hotfile.com/dl/55440425/b49061b/Wonder_Girls_-_2DT_(_May2210_)_(HD).avi.html
  20. Let me share my collection of HD Kpop MV's Let's start with the 9 KPOP princesses SNSD/Girl's Generation and the track that started their transformation from Cutesy to Sexy Tell me your wish/Genie (Sowoneul Malhaebwa) http://hotfile.com/dl/54593542/3d135f2/SNSD_-_Genie_(Tell_Me_Your_Wish)_(GOMTV)_(HD).avi.html Mod's Note: We still have to practice coding your links in this new environment. Can you provide more info other than just the title? - Sorry. typed in quote instead of code. Screenshots now available
  21. Yup back to square one. It's OK though. It's a chance to start a new and to beter organize APS. Let's start from the basic, let's try to regain our lost content as much as we can
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