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  1. 5. Chie filomeno 4. Kim rodriguez 3. Yen santos 2. Julie ann san jose 1. Bianca umali
  2. Im not rude but this is the ultimate secret of men when you cant sleep at night. Top secret is masterb. Yup. Anyone else doing this? For me it effective way.
  3. Well i hoped facebook will last. One day millennials and generation z will stop using this
  4. got my new xbox one. now what? Can you share some 5 games must have?
  5. Lets go Motorola. This is one of my favorite phone .so when it will release?
  6. im using hp pavilion laptop. HP Pavilion 15 (i7-6700HQ, GTX 950M) than my mcbook, i dont know why. Maybe im not into this brand .expensive show off
  7. Most of all.auto updates of your software or any background application can slow your internet speed.
  8. Bro. Try mo sa octagon meron din doon.
  9. Sana magmura na rin ang videocards na pang 4k. Computer now a days date 640 ok n.
  10. Pldt dsl. Been using this for 10 years na. So far so good stable ang connection nya. Unlike sa iba. Natry ko na sila . Umulan balumakas man ang hangin lalo n pag me bagyo napuputol kaagad.
  11. Boss try mo sa playstore meron apps na ganon.naghahanap din kase ako ng ganon pate youtube likes hehe
  12. Splintercell blacklist Must have game ito Hehe silent but deadly
  13. for me isa ito sa best scene yun tipong tititigan mo Scene from Crossing over p> scene from crossing over
  14. Mostly .inuubos ko ang oras sa laro na shootings like left 4 dead 1 and 2, lalo na pag stress ka na sa buhay hehe.. Another game is spliter cell..
  15. King fatafehi paulah,sarap ng buhay.. Pero if i was a king, every beautiful women in my kingdom,its my duty to take thier virginity haha
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