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Let's face it... oftentimes a single posted content could create quite a stir just for the reason that it was indeed remarkable.

This thread was created so that members can show their appreciation for a particular post done by another member instead of posting a "Thank You" or "Nice Post" comment on the Image or Video Threads.

Please incude an internal link to the post & also please be aware of these Forum Rules:

#30. Posting of smiley-only or nonsense replies or short comments such as "thanks", "more please" or other one-liners will be construed as speed posting and will result in you being warned and your post being deleted. Try to be creative when appreciating the poster's work.

#11. English and Filipino are our official/administrative language. Contents in all posts are to be in English or Filipino, but we may allow foreign languages where we deem appropriate. However, please post in the ENGLISH language as much as possible, to comply with our agreement with Google Adsense (our sponsor).

“Text writing”, the practice of using other characters or symbols in lieu of actual letters when spelling a word so as to sound phonetically similar to the word when spoken, and primarily and commonly used in text messaging, is discouraged in our forum. If possible, spell out words in full.

12. Do not submit two (2) posts right in a row in the same thread. If you feel you must do this, please combine your posts. This can be viewed as a form of spam and will not be tolerated.

With this topic created... I hope it will lessen the appreciation comments posted within the Image / Videos Section.




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