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FIBA Philippines vs Australia Brawl


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It was a disappointing showing by Gilas, worse is the brawl that happen. Although team Australia might have started it with all that removing that sticker thing, I think they did a great job in the game. Gilas has no answer and Pogoy's "defense" has been cheap shot and nothing more.

In the end, Gilas advances though, so maybe that's something to look forward to.

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It's sad, naintindihan ko yung brotherhood etc, pero rather than brotherhood mukhang napikon lang tayo. Our players ganged the Australian team, I don't think brotherhood yun. Our players just wanted to get revenge. Actually si Romeo pa yung drew attention ni Maker para hindi maoutnumber yung ibang players natin, after that di na siya sumapak. 

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every window within the FIBA qualifier every country could submit new pool of player(eligible players as per FIBA). Now since the first round is over and we qualified for the second round, every window on that we could send 15 man roster. We got 6  games left 2 games every window. 
here are the schedules
1st Window Second Round
Sept 13 vs Iran (Iran homecourt)
Sept 17 vs Qatar (our homecourt) and as our penalty this game will be close door( no live TV telecast) this is our last home game  :mellow:
2nd Window Second Round (all of these games is in supposed to be our home game and since we got two more home games we will play the rest of the games away)
Nov 30 vs Kazakhstan
Dec 3    vs Iran
3rd Window Second Round 
Feb 21, 2019 vs Qatar(Qatar homecourt)
Feb 24, 2019 vs Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan homecourt)
Basically Abueva can't play the rest for the 2nd round.
Pogoy , Jalalon and CBC can only play on the 3rd window Feb 24, 2019 vs Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan homecourt).
Romeo, Castro, Blatche and Troy Rosario (plus coach jong uichico ) can start to play in the 2nd window Dec 3  vs Iran
Japeth Aguilar and Matthew Wright & Chot could start to play on the First Window  Sept 17 vs Qatar (our homecourt).
as for the naturalized player the only feasible option is to go with Stanhardinger. And we need full cooperation of SMC teams to lend their players cause majority of MVP's player has been suspended

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Siguro with the suspensions of regular gilas members babalik na yung mga dating naglaro para sa gilas like lee, lassiter, slaughter. We can also consider sa pagbalik nila tenorio at chan. Malaki parin naman chance natin makapag qualify kaya naman siguro natin yung qatar at kazakhstan, problema lang talag yung iran. Hope for the best for our gilas.

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