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Software Developer, Mobile App Developer, Game Developer, Website Developer, Thesis Capstone, Business Solutions, Server Developer

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We are group of professional programmers that creates a high quality softwares, website and games.

We offer the following service below

- Android App and Game Development
- iOS / Apple App and Game Development
- Website App and Web Design Development
- PC Software, Enterprise Application and Games
- Mobile Native Application Development
- 3D modeling and Animations
- 2D sprite creation and animation
- We also do Web Hosting  / Game Hosting / Email Hosting

Please follow the format below when inquiring

Full Name :
Purpose : (Thesis/Business)
School/Company :
Deadline :
Budget :
Platform : (Mobile / Website / PC)
Location :

Website : https://overcastgames.com
Mobile Number : 09155501594
Email : overcastgames2020@gmail.com
Facebook Page : https://facebook.com/overcastdev
Portfolio : (Contact Us so we can show you our PDF File)

NOTE : Price may depend on the actual scope of the project.


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Mobile App Development (Android/IOS)
PC App Development (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Mobile Game Development (Android/IOS)
PC Game Development (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Web App Development 
Website Development
Web Game Development (HTML5/Javascript)
Web Design
2D Sprite Creation
2D Animation
Logo Creation
Branding and Marketing Asset Creation
Social Media Asset Creation
3D Modeling
3D Animation
Database Development (Mysql/Mssql/Mongodb/Firebase/Postgresql)
Backend Development
IT/Software Development Consultation
App/Server Maintenance
Web Hosting/Cloud Server Hosting
Web Setup/Cloud Server Setup
SSL Implementation
Basic Seo Service

Visit us: 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/overcastdev
Website: www.overcastgames.com
For Inquiries:
Email Us: inquire@overcastgames.com / overcastgames2020@gmail.com
Contact Us:: +639155501594
Portfolio : (Contact Us so we can show you our PDF File)



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