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Formula 1/Moto GP anyone?


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This has truly been a banner year for both racing disciplines.

F1: Schumacher being back is the big news, of course. But I personally think the bigger news is the rise of Red Bull as a championship contender. I remember it was i think just 5 years ago that they started this team on the heels of the failed (was it?) Jaguar team. Vettel is doing great, but Webber has really come into his own this season. Just shows ho a great car can elevate a driver to another level (Think Button from last year). Ferrari are a bit in shambles so I find myself rooting for the Red Bulls instead.

Moto GP: Rossi out for 4 races with a broken tibia, but back after merely 4 weeks - and placing 4th o his return last weekend at the Sachsenring. Lorenzo, is of course, the main beneficiary of Rossi's misfortunes as he is clearly the champion elect at the moment. Still rooting for Rossi, though...

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Schumi's taking a while to acclimatize to today's machinery. Also I think Mercedes is struggling since Brawn had to push development of their car until the end of last season because they were title contenders with JB and Rubens.

Ferrari's form has improved but the controversy of last week's German GP wherein Ferrari ordered Massa to let Alonso pass for the win has tainted their reputation yet again. I'm for Vettel this year.

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I agree, man.

Schumacher is struggling like his first year at Ferrari back in the 90s. The car, as I understand it, was more tailored to Button's style of "understeer" from his stint at Brawn last year. Fits Rosberg more than Schumi, who likes a direct or even slightly oversteery car.

I'm with you on Vettel. But one side of me is also cheering Jenson.

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F1 - its a shame that scumacher do not have the car to compete. i think red bull would win.

Moto GP - its  disapppointing that rossi got injured. it would have been a fantastic season battling against lorenzo -  more classic races like rossi's 99th win last season...

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as i see it, f1 is a team sport... no different from cycling that runs numerous riders, "protecting" the team leader. some f1 fans felt robbed because of team orders. speaking only for myself, i would rather hear "fernando is faster than you" or "let michael pass you" than see a choreographed, botched pitstop.

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