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14 Of The Most Amazing Abandoned Airports In The World


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14 Of The Most Amazing Abandoned Airports In The World

Fascinating photos and stories behind 14 abandoned airports across the globe.

1. Nicosia International Airport, Cyprus


Previously the most important airport in Cyprus, business stopped in 1974 when the Turkish invaded. The airport was abandoned and today is no-mans land, neither the Greeks or Turks are allowed on the soil.

2. Johnston Atoll Airport, USA


Built on small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a couple of hundred miles from Hawaii, this airport was a US military base for majority of the 2oth century and home to 400 men with an underground hospital. During WW2, Japanese submarines attacked the base.

3. Castellon-Costa Azahar Airport, Spain


Even though it was officially opened in March 2011, costing 150 million euros, there hasn't been a single plane that has taken off from or landed at this airport. The statue shown in photo is in honour of local politician Carlos Fabra, who was responsible for the airports construction near Valencia. He is now under investigation for tax evasion and corruption.

4. Don Quijote Airport, Spain


Costing a whooping 1.1 billion euros. This airport was Spain's first (and last) private international airport. Fifty minutes from Madrid on a high speed rail. the airport was created in the 90's. It went bankrupt and shut down in April 2012.

5. Stapleton International Airport, USA


Between 1929 and 1995, this airport was the gateway to Denver, Colorado, however it was replaced by Denver International. In July 1997 a storm hit and caused damage to its structure causing it to be knocked down completely, only leaving behind the old control tower.

6. Berlin Templehof, Germany


Until the Pentagon was built in the USA, this German Airport was the largest building in the world. Constructed in 1923, after playing a key factor in the Berlin Airlift for 85 years, this airport closed to passengers in October 2008. Today the airfield is the largest public park in the city and the terminals host events all year round.

7. Croydon Airport, England


Known as one of the three iconic pre- WW2 airports in Europe, it is famous for being the first airport with traffic control. Famous figures including Amy Johnson and Winston Churchill have jetted off along its runway, which actually crossed a road! Today, the old Airport House still stands.

8. Gaza International Airport, Gaza Strip


Opening in 1998, this airport served 700,000 passengers per year, however Israeli forces shelled its radar station and control tower forcing it to shut down in December 2001. The runway was bulldozed a few weeks later.

9. Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, USA


Situated in the California Desert, this airfield was used to film the famous Independence Day blockbuster movie. This was shut down in 1999.

10. Kai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong


This airport served as Hong Kong's main airport for 73 years, but sadly closed in 1998 after traffic moved to the new Hong Kong International Airport. It was surrounded by beautiful scenery making the take-offs and landings extra special.

11. RAF Binbrook, England


RAF Binbrook, near Lincolnshire was used by bombers during WW2 and didn't stop aiding the Air Force until the 1980's.

12. Galeville, Shawangunk, USA


This small airfield in New York, which was built in WW2, was used for a military academy as well as operating as a civilian airport. It is now part of the Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge.

13. Floyd Bennett Field, New York, USA


Replaced by Newark Airport in New Jersey, Floyd Bennett Field was previously one of NYC's major airports. These days it is a public park.

14. Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, USA


The only thing that remains at Robert Municipal Airport is the old control tower after it closed in 1999 due to being replaced by Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

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