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Winners for the 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards have been announced!


Full top 10 for Thesz/Flair award:

  1. AJ Styles
  2. Kazuchika Okada
  3. Tetsuya Naito
  4. Kenny Omega
  5. Kento Miyahara
  6. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  7. Chris Hero
  8. Volador Jr.
  9. Kevin Owens
  10. Shinsuke Nakamura

Highlights (at least for me):

  • Miz lost to former UFC fighter Matt Riddle by just 6 points (!) for the Most Improved Wrestler award
  • Cesaro winning Most Underrated Wrestler for the 4th year in a row
  • Bucks winning Tag Team of the Year for the 3rd consecutive year (too sweet!)


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- I would have given it to The Miz for the most improved.

- I think people either hated or loved the Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet match, there's no in-between but as far as the man's output is concerned, yeah, he's deserving.

- Poor Roman Reigns. I don't hate the guy and he's probably just going along with what management is telling him. I mean any wrestler would probably take the offer without thinking twice if one day the boss tells them that they will be given a major push. At this point, just do a heel turn and embrace the heat.

- Kenny Omega's doing awesome work in NJPW. It was a bit of scare to be honest when rumors flew about that WWE might nab him (if anything he wouldn't be able to use Hadouken and One Winged Angel if he's in WWE or both will be renamed). I would like to see another Omega vs. Okada level of match from him.

- Young Bucks!

- David Otunga might be the worst but he gave the world the No Chin Music.

Here's a too sweet for the winners:



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Jackie Boy looked great in defeat. Sana maayos ang role niya sa unang Mania niya. :D
Neville is one of the top heels right now. Great on the mic and still top notch in the ring. It's sad that his current move-set is limited to WWE standards. They should let him go full-Pac. His style created an essential part of the blueprint that gave us Ricochet, Ospreay and Lio Rush.

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By now, probably kalat na sa internet 'yung results and the highlights posted sa YouTube so sa mga hindi pa nakakapanood, SPOILER ALERT!

- KO's match didn't do him any favors and it also undermined his reign as the Universal Champion. It was idiotic. I understand na Goldberg needs to look strong going into Wrestlemania but that was ridiculous. Sana man lang pinagpawisan kahit papaano si Goldberg at KO. There is a rumor circulating na KO is being punished for the low viewership ng RAW with the last week being the lowest since 2006. As if this would make people tune in to RAW after this travesty.

Maybe that's the point, hindi na pagod si Goldberg lel

- Sami Zayn needs to go to Smackdown. RAW is misusing him and with the added presence of Joe, that's one more superstar in an already crowded lineup. I enjoyed the match for what it is and I know it was a foregone conclusion na Joe will win since he is being booked to be a destroyer but man, Zayn's losing streak is really frustrating.

- What's the point of the Jinder Mahal, Cesaro, Big Show, Rusev kerfuffle? Jesus H. Christ, Jinder Mahal, really WWE? What the hell are they doing to Rusev jobbing to Show?

- Same old Cass and Enzo match. They get the crowd fired up, Enzo gets beaten to a pulp, Cass tags in ad nauseam. We've seen all of this before.

- Braun looked good in an otherwise standard match. He was in the offense for most of the time countering everything Reigns threw at him. This could have been the chance for Reigns to showcase additional moves to take down Strawman, make the match more special

- Sasha wasn't necessary in the Charlotte vs. Bayley match. Personally I always prefer a clean fall. It's a messy match. Charlotte would probably get the belt at 'Mania anyway for a Wrestlemania moment. The women's division needs some consistency.

- I would have preferred Nia winning. I like Sasha but Nia has more to gain if she won. Build her up seriously like a female Braun or even Chyna 2.0

I've probably missed a match or two.

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Was able to see the final minutes of the Okada vs Tiger Mask W (The Golden Tiger who is totally not Kota Ibushi) just now. Okada took a Tiger Driver from the top rope. Fucking mad man! I'm over Fastlane. Haha!
Zack Sabre Jr. joined Suzuki-Gun and won the Rev Pro title from Shibata. That came out from nowhere. Gedo once again proves that nobody can touch him when it comes to booking.

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Not too pleased with what's happening on RAW, especially after that disappointing ppv. I hope one or two of Zayn, Owens, Cesaro, or Balor ends up on Smackdown after Wrestlemania, coz with new talent like Samoa Joe and most likely Nakamura, current top guys Rollins, Reigns, Braun, and the other part-timers like Goldberg and Lesnar, RAW is getting pretty crowded already.

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sir @iggyb san ka nanuod ng Wrestle Kingdom youtube or can you share us a link. I'm getting hyped just by reading your commentary. :APS_omg:

May mali na talaga sa Raw creative team usually yung mga payperview like FastLane is used to hyped up matches that will be in Mania pero they again failed to do that. Jackie Boy & Braun looked great even in defeat. However the clean pin by Roman Reigns tapos KO losing to Goldberg in a few seconds. C'mon.. I know Raw's ratings have benn at an all time low but KO should not shoulder all the blame. 

Guilty ako I don't even watch Raw except sa mga highlights. Strictly Blue Brand ako for the last month na and with the way things are going mukhang di magbabago yun unless of course lumabas na naman part timers like Brock, Goldberg or even Taker.

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Sir @N-eazy, just google "watch wrestling njpw". You'll get a string of WordPress sites with the same theme used. Paiba-iba lang yung logo at kulay. :D

the best link lately. takes them just around 6 hours to upload new events. extensive din ang library nila

If you want to watch live, check TaimaTV. They have 2 secret channels not posted on the front page.


*note: maraming troll sa chatbox sa site na to minsan :D


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Looks like Tommy End will be arriving soon in NXT. After WM maybe? He'll debut at Aleister Black.

Check out his indie work if you're not familiar with him. One of the best strikers today. Kickboxer siya so expect brutal knees and elbows  saka occasional roundhouse and spinning heel kicks.

Here's a good place to start. Moveset hightlights + Commentary niya mismo:


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That top rope double foot stomp. Ano nga name nung bald head cruiserweight na gumagawa nun dati from WWE TNA forgot his name. I always thought of it as a dope finisher kapag executed properly Hideo does it well ALberto does it with ferocity kahit sa middle rope lang. Hope this guy gets some shine brutal roundhouse or spinning roundhouse that gave me flashes of a young RVD sa ECW full extension sa kick. Well rounded rin with his suplex tsaka modified brainbuster. :APS_thumbsup:

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That bald guy would be Low Ki. :D

WWE just signed Stardom's Kairi Hojo. Io Shirai isn't far behind as she's expected to be in the US on WM weekend. Arguably the two best women wrestlers today. Stardom is in a bad spot losing their biggest stars (the youngest member of their big 3 Mayu Iwatani is also rumored to retire soon) pero excited na ako sa women's tournament ng WWE. Sobrang stacked ng talent nila ngayon. Adam Cole (BAYBAY!) and (Sleazy) Kyle O'Reilly are also expected to join WWE before summer.

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Paige and Xavier Woods are having a very crappy day right now. While it's not their fault and they are a victim of a crime no doubt about it, I'm curious on how WWE will handle the situation. I doubt they would fire both as people are quick to point out that the same thing happened to Seth Rollins and there were no serious repercussions to his status with the company. Firing Paige now would probably earn WWE the ire of the internet anyway and would probably be detrimental to the Paige movie since they are co-financing it.

Per Woods, yeah, New Day sells merchandise and his YouTube channel just reached a million subs - it might not be the most lucrative venture but it helps get the WWE brand expand beyond wrestling - so I don't know how they would handle it also. Maybe a kayfabe injury until the issue dies down?

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Brad Maddox should be the next inductee for the HOF. lol. Insert Del Rio's angry pic GIF. haha. Seriously pa PM video kung may link. Si Alexa Bliss rin meron? I saw HBK and Roman Reigns promo I have this bad feeling na WWE might just pull an upset by having him win against Taker. 

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Yeah there are rumors that the hacker(s) also have pictures/videos of Summer Rae and Alexa Bliss. Allegedly there are additional sex videos from other stars as well and a lesbian tryst but no names were given. I personally draw the line with leaked videos but I bet those have been uploaded to Pornhub or Xvideos already. To anyone interested, better save those videos quickly before they are taken down.

Per Roman Reigns winning against Undertaker, fans would go apeshit. If that happens ituloy-tuloy na lang nila ang pagiging heel ni Roman.

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ROH isn't that big of a deal right now. They are still in a serious scuffle. Maswerte sila na may joint events sila with NJPW lately. Delirious, the main booker these past years, raked a bad rep for the company. I'm not sold with WWE until they respect the fans and book talents the way they should be. Anghirap maginvest sa kwento kung alam mong out of touch yung owner ng company. Paging CM Punk. Haha!

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Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff had a statement sent to current ROH talent noting that WWE was having conversations with Sinclair Broadcast Group about licensing old footage that likely features current talent on the WWE roster per a report by The Wrestling Observer.

A report by Pro Wrestling Sheet had made the rounds in the last 24 hours indicating that WWE was having discussions with Sinclair about “secretly purchasing” ROH. Sources in ROH have denied these reports. A report by PWInsider.com did indicate that WWE may have had interest in carrying the weekly ROH show as part of the WWE Network, something WWE had even included in recent questionnaires to current subscribers of the network.

Koff has publicly stated he was open to WWE licensing ROH related material if it was the right deal to make at the time. WWE has worked with Sinclair in the past to use footage featuring talents such as former WWE star CM Punk. With forthcoming releases scheduled involving Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, it would seem to indicate that the statement Koff had sent to talent would be in relation to this.

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