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HDD problem pa help po


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good day po mga ka aps... ask ko lang po kung may possibility pa po na ma retrieve ko yung mga files ko sa aking hdd at saan po pwede if ever ipa retrieve? kase po pag sinaksak ko sa aking laptop lagi pong may clicking sound tapos ayaw na po mag open o basahin ng laptop... pa help naman po... thanks in advance

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I'm assuming, external drive (usb ang interface), malamang tama si She, Pero sinnubukan mo na bang i-connect sa ibang usb port - sa laptop o sa ibang computer? Na-check mo na ba kung walang problema sa usb cable o connector? Kung yung klase ng external drive mo ay yung pwedeng baklasin ang hdd, pwede mong subukang ikabit sa desktop computer yung hdd mismo (SATA naman siguro yan). Pag nagki-click pa rin at di na ma detect ng BIOS, tama si She.


Kung hindi na ma-detect ng BIOS yung hdd, specialized tools/machine sa isang clean room na yata kailangan  para ma-retrieve at wala ako alam dito sa 'Pinas at napaka mahal. :)

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Clicking sounds on HDDs is usually the sound of the hard drive heads hitting the head stop, most probably caused by a failure on your HDD's circuit board. It could also be that your USB cable is faulty and is not giving enough power to your hard drive. In any case, always make backups of important files. Hard drives always fail eventually. Average lifespan of hard disk drives is around ~4 years.

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