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Got this from 9GAG. Anime fans here have probably seen most and might disagree with some of the user's choices but for anyone trying to get into anime or a lapsed anime fan, they might get something o

Terraformars is one of the good ones out there. Season 2 is almost finished. Download it at horriblesubs,info para maganda yung copy nyo.

Any anime fans around here? I want to know what kind of Anime do you watch? Fantasy? Drama? Comedy? Adventure? Slice of life? Ecchi???   anyway here are my top 5 anime recommendations   Not my top 5

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On 5/8/2016 at 1:36 PM, jhowmah said:

Just finished Haikyuu!!! Ok sya kahit nde ka naglalaro or walang idea sa volleyball. Ganda ung art and animation.

I still need to continue watching Season 4 of Haikyuu but so far so good. 

I binge watched the 1st 10 episodes a while back and I was already hooked!
I love the story, character development, cinematography, even the comedy works so well, and the subtle use of profanity to top it all off lol.

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