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Ancient Aliens Series


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Complete din ako. Si dad ko may sarili siya collection niyan. Bumili pa talaga siya blu rays lol... Ako naman halos sa online nag dl... Dami din tayo members na pwede makipag discussion sa atin about this thread.. Was planning to make a thread like this one pero more on the history of man's creation... Parang mala promethius movie ang theme... Who created mankind... Engineers from other galaxies etc.

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Whoa! Upload mo na yan Sir @Claude02. In a zipped / rar file with your username as password. For example ... username@allpinoystuff.com. Dagdag sa file upload count mo yan.
Been an avid fan of the series since it's debut in April 2010. Along with Forbidden Archaeology and UFO Files. And I say ... they were very good with far-fetched locations unwritten even in conventional History books. Puma Punku is one of my favorites.
But if you're willing to see the other side of the coin.. please read this... 


I'm sure if it's Science you seek ... there were more other credible sources onto which you can dig.

Still ... your future uploads will be very much appreciated. hehehe :D


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In every series, they always involve ancient hindu history. They call it aliens because they are unfamiliar with the gods. Krishna, Dwarka, and the flying chariots. Everything is real. The science of God is in Bhagavad-Gita, and it is just the part of the Mahabarata. The bible simplified everything for mankind to easily understand the science behind Mahabarata.

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super fan ako ng series na to. very informative and hindi ka malilimit sa knowledge mo about God. They have proofs and pinagaralan kasi talaga nila every step of their discoveries. Also, hindi basta basta yung mga kasama sa documentary na to - people with good credentials. :)

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Here are my favorites from this series:

Season 2:

"Gods And Aliens"

"Underwater Worlds"

"Alien Tech"

"Angels and Aliens"

"Unexplained Structures"

"Alien Devastations"


Season 3:

"Aliens and Sacred Places"

"Aliens and Ancient Engineers"

"Aliens and Lost Worlds"

"Aliens and The Founding Fathers"

"Aliens and Deadly Cults"

"Aliens and the Undead"

"Aliens and the Creation of Man"


Season 4:

"The Doomsday Prophecies"

"The NASA Connection"

"The Mystery of Puma Punku"

"The Da Vinci Conspiracy"

"The Time Travelers"

Hanggang diyan pa lang ako hehe. Yung ibang season pa isa isa nood ko pero kukumpletuhin ko at sasabihin ko din yung mga nagustuhan ko na episode.



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