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In computing, an emulator, which is in fact - legal, is a hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of one computer system (the guest) in another computer system (the host). And every gamer knows what exactly a 'game emulator' means.

Thanks to this tech, we are able to play a number of games regardless of its system, maker and era. Let's discuss about the old times of gaming. Mostly systems of the 80's and early 90's that are worth playing on emulators!

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I remember Bleem! and VGS for emulating PSX games. I remember finishing Front Mission 3 (highly unstable and crash prone back then), Brave Fencer Musashi, Legend of Legaia and a slew of RPGs using emulators.


Played alot of Pokemon Red and Blue sa workplace ko using an emulator as well. Kunyari busy, kunot noo pa :)


Also played a lot of arcade games with MAME especially Capcom's VS series of fighting games. I remember there was another arcade emu na with network capabilities but I wasn't able to make it work pero as far as emulation goes, it's very stable. Nakalimutan ko lang 'yung name.


As the years pass by, hindi ko na nasundan 'yung emu scene and the last game I played with an emu was Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Awesome sidescrolling Metroidvania for WII.

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Speaking of emulator may nakakaalam ba nung emulator ng mga arcade games ? meron kasi ako nun dati kaso nakalimutan ko na kung ano tawag dun..meron pa ba nun? la lang na miss ko lang maglaro ng metal slug :D ahahahha

Fan din ako Metal Slug. Hahah My favorite was Metal Slug 3. Not to brag but I really can finish that in one sitting sa arcade. Tipid sa token.

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8 minutes ago, Neo deLa Cruz said:

Boss puwede 'din ba 'yan malaro sa laptop lang, i5 na ang laptop ko... kakayanin kaya? Ano ba maganda na free antivirus boss?

Maybe you can give us the whole spec of your laptop? What generation is your i5 processor?

Here's a good article regarding free antivirus:


I hope it helps.

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Oooh! How did I ever miss this gem of a topic?! ^_^

Though I've retrogamed every now and again, there was actually a gaming period of my life, maybe 2 years, that I spent ignoring the latest games and focused purely on NES/SEGA/SNES/PC classics. ^_^ Replayed old gems, felt like I was young again, and best of all, was blown away by the fanbase support for emulation of older titles. ^_^ Hell, I play Master of Orion 2 up to now, though I bought the legit version on Steam as part of the MOO 4 pre-order bonus. ^_^

What blew my mind though was the dedication of the fanbases. Particularly a group that painstakingly fan-translated Front Mission 1. Front Mission 1 was never officially released in English. I think it took them about 6 years to do it, but in the end they were able to release a fully translated Front Mission 1. 99% seamless in its UI integration too! Super awesome! Paging boss @This_Is_The_End  ^_^ 

Anyway, the last emulator I used was PSX (I think it was called), that emulated the PS2. Used it to replay Persona 3. I was using an older rig so it was stable enough to play but not as smooth as playing on an actual PS2. ^_^

Best retrogaming titles I've done over the years:

1. Master of Orion 2

2. Front Mission 1 (and other japanese RPGs that I can't even remember the names of. Though the fan translations weren't finished back then. ^_^ )

3. Star Control 2

4. FF1 to 6

5. Earthbound

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Tomato (not the fruit) did a lot of work sa mga English translations ng mga SNES games back then. I don't know what the guy is doing in recent years but he's a legend in the scene.

Speaking of SNES, aside maybe from Megaman X and a handful other sidescrollers/platformers, I played a lot of damn good RPGs. Beside the PS1, it was home to a lot of solid JRPGs that stood the test of time.

If anything, pixel art holds up way better than polygon - even today's cutting edge AAA games would look very dated in a few years. Vanilla Crysis while generally looking great even after a decade have a lot of low-res texture that kinda dates it. Chrono Trigger still looks the way I remember it. Even the mechanics, while a bit clunky by today's  standards, is still fun. I always like the slower paced, turn-based gameplay of that era.

1. Chrono Trigger - The PS1 version was a shoddy port. There were slowdowns when there weren't any in the more inferior SNES machine. Still one of the best RPGs out there.

2. First two Breath of Fire games - Old school RPG goodness. Capcom's answer to Square's FF series.

3. Secret of Mana

4. Treasure Hunter G - One, if not the last, 16-bit RPG published by SquareSoft (former name of Square Enix before the merger) before it blew up into the mainstream consciousness thanks to Final Fantasy VII. There's no official English translation of the game but thanks to the emulation scene, I was able to play it. The game's a mix of 2D pixel and pseudo-3D.

5. Final Fantasy VI - Final Fantasy III in the US. The story's very memorable. It's probably way up there along with IX in the story department. Kefka's a douche nozzle. Even after all these years, I maintain that he should choke on a bag of dicks.

6. Secret of Evermore

7. EarthBound (Mother 2 in Japan) - On a related note, Nintendo hates all of you that's why Mother 3 still does not have a western release after 11 years. There's an unofficial translation, I don't know how complete and stable that is though. 

8. Bahamut Lagoon - Another translated by fans if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, I vaguely remember downloading additional files so I can play it in English.

9. Terranigma



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Haha dati nung di pa ako ganon kabusy I've been playing with emulators non-stop and paulit ulit pa kahit natapos ko na due to my frustations of not finishing games in the best ways possible. :th_wet:

Here are the list of my emu games.


1.Azure Dreams - monster taming game. OG din to masaya laruin although madami dito exploits. 

2. Jade Cocoon: Story of Tamamayu - again taming game din, parang pokemon pero taga bundok and more on supernatural events.

3. Front Mission 3 - Eject Punch OP. parang ff tactics style. 

4. Smackdown! - pag badtrip, mainit ulo, at gusto ng gulo pero peace loving ka. try mo to haha.

5. Pokémon and Digimon World - T-T iyak.

6. Rayman FTW ???

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In today's busy world, sometimes we're too busy to play games anymore. But thanks to the developers today we can enjoy Old console games with your phone. And since iam playing P3P, a psp game. i would want to share the emulator that im using. Its an application called PPSSPP. with this, you can play psp games with your phone. hope this info helps.

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