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What are your top 5 super cars? Are they worth your millions? I would like to see your opinion about this topic.

Supercars are the ultimate dream vehicle for many auto enthusiasts. Their posters grace the walls of young boys' bedrooms and the garages of grown men. These cars utilize the latest racing technology and boast lightweight materials that aren't normally found in your average commuter.

Here are my top 5 super cars :

1. McLaren P1


The P1 is the halo car for the McLaren family, with only 375 made and sold. It utilizes the ultimate combination of cutting-edge hybrid technology and high-speed performance, making it as green as it is fast.

Base Price: $1,150,000

Engine: 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8/electric hybrid

Horsepower: 903

0-60 mph: 2.7 seconds

2. Porsche 918 spyder


This car drives like a regular plug-in hybrid as it silently cruises along on just its electric motors. However, mash the gas pedal and the twin-turbo V8 comes to life with a snarl, rocketing you to extra-legal speeds in the blink of an eye. It's as stealthy as it is sleek, reaching speeds up to 93 mph on electric power alone when E-Drive mode is engaged.

Base Price: $847,975

Engine: 4.6-liter V8/electric hybrid

Horsepower: 608

0-60 mph: 2.6 seconds

3. Lamborghini Aventador


the Aventador LP750-4 SV has been slimmed down and the aerodynamics have been reworked to reduce drag while increasing downforce. The motor has also received a significant boost in power which will keep drivers smiling on the streets and at the track.

Base Price: $493,095

Engine: 6.5-liter V12

Horsepower: 740

0-60 mph: 2.7 seconds

4. Ferrari Laferrari


This is Ferrari's answer to the Porsche and McLaren hybrid supercars, but with a V12. It's astonishingly quick and handles like a go-kart on steroids.

Base Price: $1,420,000

Engine: 6.3-liter V12/electric hybrid

Horsepower: 950

0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds

5. Bugatti Veyron grands port Lafinale


"La Finale" is the last hurrah for the Bugatti Veyron, which was in production for 10 years with a total of 450 units. It was the first supercar to crest the $1 million mark and have an output of 1,000 horsepower or more. It's no longer the record holder when it comes to speed, but it still boasts an impressive 16-cylinder motor with four turbochargers. If you want exclusivity, this is it.

Base Price: $3,000,000+

Engine: 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16

Horsepower: 1,183

0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds

Okay, verdict whether they are worth your millions? Well judging from the specs of my top 5 lists, given that you are one of the wealthiest person alive.. I believe that the Bugatti is not worth your 3M dollars on three grounds, style, speed, stability .

Style, I don't get it why such a famous super car has the exterior of a wacko scientist/alien.

Speed, it no longer holds title because of the lambo hybrid hurracan.

Stability, the heavier Veyron seems like it'd have a hard time staying under control in maneuvers.

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