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2016 FHM 100 Sexiest


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It's that time again to vote for FHM 100 Sexiest 2016. Who do you think will make it to the top this year? This is just a survey. Kindly give your top 10 names (max.) and if you could, please vote for real at their website. Go!


Note: Above image is for illustration only. Credits to FHM.

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Total number of votes: 274,817
Last year's ranking: 8

Fresh off a successful return to our cover just this June, the stunning spiker culminates the years of hard work on the volleyball court she put into her physique with a Top 10 finish. Expect RAD to rise through the ranks in the years to come.




Total number of votes: 295,502
Last year's ranking: unranked

We knew the French-Filipina was quite the catch when we featured her as our Christmas Cover Girl last year. On the other hand, her meteoric rise to fame in recent months, is all Kim's doing.




Total number of votes: 307,815
Last year's ranking: 5

It's no coincidence that Solenn has been a constant figure among the nation's finest since her showbiz break on Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown in 2010. Why she has yet to take that coveted top spot, it's for her followers—who should be voting and campaigning for her—to answer.




Total number of votes: 324,016
Last year's ranking: 76

The moonlighting rock star upped her acting credits with the sexy romantic comedy film Always Be My Maybe and the late afternoon delight Pasion de Amor. Little did she know that her sultry on-screen performances were more than enough to propel her to jump 69(!!!) spots up this year.




Total number of votes: 352,191
Last year's ranking: unranked

Following her one-year "maternity leave" from the list, hot momma Marian reminds everyone why she is the country's only three-time Sexiest Woman. If she almost cracked Top 5 in this edition, imagine how much of a fight her rabid fans will put up next year.




Total number of votes: 370,727
Last year: No. 86

Talk about coming on strong this year for our July Cover Girl. Having made the biggest jump among this year's Top 5 (81 spots!), she more than deserves to banner this year's 100 Sexiest issue.




Total number of votes: 378,293
Last year: No. 6

Just another day at the office for the consistent Top 10 placer (since her first inclusion in 2003) and two-time Sexiest Woman (2005, 2010). The scary part? She's not even trying...




Total number of votes: 492,905
Last year: No. 49

The On The Wings Of Love star and one-half of the famed JaDine tandem almost pulled off a Cinderella finish, emerging on top of the poll at one point. Maybe if James didn't tweet against it, Nadine might have sustained her lead.




Total number of votes: 502,934
Last year: No. 1

She was 88,858 votes away from a back-to-back. Once again, Jennylyn Nation put up a good fight, and don't expect them to back down even one bit next year.


More importantly, just like what I predicted - the new Queen has been crowned..



From being No. 23 last year, the ABS-CBN actress got more half a million votes (589,792) to unseat Jennylyn Mercado as Philippine's Finest. 


Credits goes to FHM Philippines :)

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