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Pinahirapan ko na ang mga challenges kasi magagaling ang APS family sa pag hahanap hehe kapag eto nahulaan aba Hindi ko nalang alam.. Hehe

First photo : what do you see?

Second photo : explain why are these people laughing? Are they happy because they will be eaten by this hungry looking lion?

:) lagyan ko ng prize ang manalo isang malupet na lorraine Lopez hehe

.. Ay huwag nalang pala mukhang mapapanis nanaman ako dito haha

1st photo: tao siya, likod niya yan at may paint.

2nd photo: (lahatin ko naba?)

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Saw it right away. LOL Illusions like this, you just need to concentrate. Heheh The image is about the size of the photo as well, the giraffe is facing right on a walking position.

Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Oo nga sobrang obvious now that you said the answer haha astig. So ang perception ko kaagad ay yung dark color. My bad I never even bothered to look at the whole picture. Yun siguro kadalasan Mali ko.. Masyadong microscopic /detailed ang attack ko sa mga bagay. Lols nice one bro @jobyraghu :) yung second photo Mali ako?

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