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Laki tipd mo sa 1080 sir Drake 180W lang plus that performance totally kickass. Dapat Lumaban AMD dito para maganda prices for US. 


Guys need help I'm currently thinking of upgrading my CPU I'm on i7 920 now  balak ko mag i7 5820K or i7 6700K worth it kaya na mag ugprade na?

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kung naka SLI ka. or nasa 9xx series pa naman gpu mo.. sa tingin ko hintayin mo nalang lumabas ung Ti version nila.. or kung wala ka naman balak mag palit ng monitor. na ang resolution is 1080p 60hz mag stay ka nalang jan... si 1080 ginawa para sa mga 1440p 144hz up. or 4k 60fps up stable max settings.


@GoryTonio yup.. worth it na worth it. kasi nasa 1st gen. kapa ng i series..

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Sulit na sulit. Pareho tayo GPU sir This Is the End I'm at GTX 970 at 1440P resolution 


How's the performance at 1440p? I know you're a big strategy guy and while most games in the genre isn't known for pushing the graphical envelope, how's the performance when there's a lot of things going on in the screen?


I might get a 4K monitor maybe last quarter ng taon for stuff other than gaming but I don't think a new card is in my budget this year.

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I'm going 4K not for gaming though. I need a larger working space and since I'm getting a larger display, I might as well get 4K for future proofing. If I am to game with it, I'd probably stay at 1080p at least until I have beefed up my GPU.

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@Thisistheend Performance is ok. Can't max 60 FPS on some demanding games but it stay 40-55FPS. For example in GTA V All Ultra No Advanced Shadow Settings. I'm getting 45-55 FPS while driving other than that solid 50-60FPS. Never tried fallout 4. Watch Dogs almost the same FPS.  Even in BF3-BF4 I'm getting 50 or 80FPS. I can say ok performance nya. Hindi pa ako naka OC neto. Bang for the buck tong GTX 970. Btw Dell U2715H gamit kong monitor got it dirt cheap

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On 5/29/2016 at 0:55 PM, noturextraordinaryguy said:

Speaking of these thread.. anyone here from TPC? I used to share my rigs there back in the days. :glasses:


On 5/30/2016 at 11:04 PM, Ban said:

me! kaya lang ayoko mag share ng info. ko.. para nadin sa katauhan ko. hahahah..


On 3/10/2017 at 1:17 AM, GoryTonio said:

@noturextraordinaryguy @Ban Hello mga sir from TPC din. Hehe

TPC mem din ako,  same ba ng name mo gory ung name mo sa TPC parang may nakikita ako na ganun na name e.

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