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Love Triangle?


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Jennifer Connelly gave her co-star Anthony Mackie a kiss during a scene for her new film "Shelter" which her husband Paul Bettany wrote and was directing on Friday in New York City.


In case you don't know : Anthony Mackie and Paul Bettany are rivals in the movie civil war: captain America where Anthony Mackie plays the role of the falcon while Paul Bettany as the vision.

From the looks of it I smell a real life civil war. Haha kidding aside, Paul (the vision) was bullied by iron man in one of their interview after the issue was brought up. I quote iron man (Robert Downey jr) : "hey Paul you love that kind of stuff do you?" haha

So which team are you? Team home wrecker (falcon) or team cuckold (vision)


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Hahah oo naman bro tanggalan mo ng pakpak si falcon eh parang basang sisiw na siya noon lols! Panoorin mo interview matatawa ka kasi halatadong in denial pa si Paul nag ask kasi si jimmy Kimmel kay Paul "who among your Co actors had kiss your wife" ? Na shock siya sa question eh tapos nag stuck up siya nag isip kung sino haha come on as if hindi niya kilala haha moments nga naman ng mga celebrity pag caught off guard haha mas nakakatawa reaction nila Robert Downey haha

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Ahahahah nice one bro @noturextraordinaryguy muntik ako nabulunan dito sa office while eating Hahaha langya for the sake of MCU magkakaroon ng real life civil war haha the falcon vs the vision.. Kaya Pala yung dalawa sa movie ganun kagalit sa isat isa. Haha

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