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DU30 Administration

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So far, I like the rumored changes that he would implement. Like the curfews for liquors, minors and videokes. It's a small sacrifice for our greater good. Although I'm a little puzzled as to why he would place Cong. Villar in DPWH. Is it because they have a construction company? It's looks like Camella is going to have an unfair advantage here.

I don't think/fear that he's going to be a dictator. I think we're all smart enough for him to pull it off. I do like that he wants harsher penalties to severe crimes like rape and drug pushing.

The changes that we want can't be solved by one man, we must do our share as well.

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I like the way na supportado sya ng all wings of the nation. Leftist, Rightist, our muslim bros, MNLF, MILF.

Ang magaling na leader is kaya nya pag isahin ang magkakaiba ng prinsipyo at pinaglalaban which all previous

admins failed to do.

I just hope ma sustain nya ito until the end of his term, kalaban nya lng talaga is yun

mga nasa power din na ayaw sya mag succeed.

I also agree sa pinapakita nya na hindi masyado dikit or dependent sa America.One reason kya hirap tayo umunlad and maging

maging independent is because of our strong colonial mentality. We look up to them as salvation, good influence

pero ang reality is nawawala na yun totoo and sarili identity natin.

Just like Singapore and Malaysia nun naupo si Lee Kuan Yew and Mahatir Mohammed both of them cut ties with the influence of the Western world.

Okay na moderate stand nya sa China, actually mas dapat nga na makipag usap tayo mabuti sa China kesa kumampi sa Amerika since both

of us are Asian nation supposed to be magkakampi tayo.

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Going back to my original point, the left are traditionally the bleeding hearts of the political spectrum - LGBTQ rights, anti-death penalty, pro-choice, socialism, etc. that's why I mentioned I find it strange if they are agreeing with Duterte's policy as he appears to be more right wing. Don't know why it became about me not understanding the need for death penalty. I do not even identify as left.


You do have a point bossing noturextraordinaryguy.

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We cannot have a death penalty with a justice system as unreliable as ours. If you're going to hand our death sentences, you better be 100% accurate, and there's no way we are anywhere near that. From corrupt policemen, lawyers, and judges, to a lack of public attorneys and courts and judges, we have no system in place to assure that the right people will be handed the right punishment, instead of those simply unfortunate enough to have landed in bad situations or have the wrong enemies. Once you sentence someone to death, you cannot bring them back to life. There is absolutely no room for error, or else you have failed the very people you are supposed to protect.


This not only goes for the death penalty, but for the rash of Duterte copycats springing about now, and the continued activities of the Davao Death Squad. If the Davao Death Squad was just killing drug pushers and major drug lords, maybe they could have a point. But to take out users, especially ones who are still teenagers? That's unjustified murder, period. 

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isn't he pro-LGBT?

most of what he's saying is the truth, and with added opinions of his. i'm positively hoping that he'll make the right changes for what our country needs

He claimed he is. Pero nabatikos kase sya when he refer to Mar Roxas as "bayot" which is an insult to LGBT community.

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I just  hope that his excellency's administration can execute a good IRR in all the corners of our beloved country. Dami nating batas pero pagdating sa pagpapatupad nito wala...


Sa Cabinet members nya wala naman akong violent reaction so far so good


Sa mga rules naman about Curfew, drinking hours outside etc. It's a good thing for us to be disciplined I remember dati nung student ako inis na inis ako sa kapit bahay naming lakas maka-karaoke ehhh barker naman ng Bagyo ang boses.

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Just a while ago, during his speech at the 69th Anniversary of the Philippine Air Force at Clark Air Base in Pampanga, President DU30 puts a different spin on name dropping the 5 high-ranking PNP Generals whom he believed are all corrupt and allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade. This is the first in history!! And it's only his 5th day as our President.  Here's an excerpt from the said speech:

“I am compelled by my sense of duty na sabihin sa inyo lahat lalo na yung mga pulis na nasabit sa droga, one way or another who contributed to the deterioration of the law and order of this country,” he began.

“All along tayong mga mamamayan thought that we are being protected by the police, primarily… By any languages it is really treason.”

He then named the following officials and subsequently ordered them to be relieved from their respective posts:
- General Bernardo Diaz
- General Marcelo Garbo
- General Vincent Loot
- General Joel Pagdilao
- General Edgardo Tinio


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Duterte: knock knock.... 

Pnoy: Who's there?

Duterte: Garbo, Pagdilao,Loot,Diaz, Tinio...

Pnoy:Garbo, Pagdilao,Loot,Diaz, Tinio who?

Duterte: Ang GARBO naman ng buhay ng mga PNP Generals PAGDILAO ang amo nila. They enjoyed the LOOT while you were in power. But I promised to my countrymen that I will go after them ang their DIAZ(days) were numbered as soon as I entered Malacanang and now they can no longer conTINIO with their shenanigans anymore!

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His foreign policies are also hard to parse. He previously talked of taking a less confrontational stance with China, but has now said he will not comment about the country's South China Sea dispute until after the results of a UN arbitration court hearing, expected on 12 July - which is tomorrow. So yes, I'm waiting for our President's reply regardless of what the result may be. During his political campaign, he had said that he would ride a jet ski to a disputed island claimed by both China and the Philippines and stick a flag on it. Is he still willing to do it?

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