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This thread is created for all the APS members who wants to put all their top 10 on their list that interests them or the mind of the viewers/readers and of the whole world . Anything under the sun! You can post anything under this thread So long as the top 10 you post doesn't violate any of our forum rules.

So what are your top 10s that are worth bragging about? Let's find out ;)

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If you ever wondered which are the ten most expensive virginities ever sold, here you’ve got the chance to find out!

Back in the old days, the virginity was an important thing a girl should have when she gets married. Today that it doesn’t matter anymore.

Nowadays, girls are selling their ‘most precious thing’ out on eBay to raise money for college or for their family.

That’s a new way to raise quick, easy money. It is not the thing most of us agree with, but we have to admit it’s creative.

In the last few years we heard stories of more than a few women who have made money by auctioning off their virginity to the highest bidder.

We waited so long for the most expensive virginities ever sold that I say it is time to get over with it!

Let’s start the list, shall we?

At #10: Rosie Reid


Rosie Reid, from London is the one who ranks 10th on the list of the most expensive virginities ever sold.

Back in ’04, she sold her body to a bidder. At the time she was only 18 years old, when the 44-year old engineer paid for her virginity.

The bidder was a divorced, middle-aged man, father of two, who was willing to pay big bucks just to take her virginity.

The ‘purity’ of Rosie cost the bidder 8,400 pounds ($13,300). After more than 2,000 bids, the engineer won the auction.

Back then, Rosie had a lesbian girlfriend who, at the time the girl sold her most valuable thing, she waited outside the door.

After the act happened, Rosie regretted her decisions and the two girls spent all night crying through the morning.

#9 Alina Percea


In ’09, an 18-year old girl from Romania was selling off her virginity. Alina Percea, because that’s the name of the girl we are talking about, auctioned her virginity so that she could afford to pay for her computing degree.

For her V card and college degree she received $14,900 from an Italian man. The 45-year-old man even paid for her trip to Venice, and showed her the views before sealing the deal at a five-star hotel.

“I was attracted to him, so I enjoyed it “, or “He told me he had a good job, but he didn’t say if he was married or had a family, and I didn’t ask him,” she told Daily Mail.

“I hope to see the man again. And next time I won’t make him pay!” – Alina Percea stated.

#8 Shatuniha


The prices are starting to go up, and the $27,950 Shatuniha gained from selling her virginity proves it.

As one of the most expensive virginities ever sold, her case was similar to the others. She put up an advertisement where she described herself “I’ve no bad habits and I’m nice looking”.

The girl also mentioned that she is a ‘new, not used’ Siberian teen. She had to put up that ad because she was “In the urgent need of money, willingness to sell the most precious thing I possess”.

Her sale was supposedly consummated by an anonymous bidder in a mystery hotel room.

#7 Unigirl


Here is another example of a poor girl who had to sell her virginity for a better life. A poor New Zealand student, who was only known by Unigirl, her pseudo name, asked $32,000 for her V card.

She auctioned her ‘purity’ to pay for her University fees.

From all the 1,200 bids she received, Unigirl accepted an offer of $32,000 dollars.

To this she said, “It was beyond what I’ve ever dreamed”.

She was also grateful to the many bidders who took interest in her advertisement. She was just happy to be able to pay her school fees.

#6 Cathy Cobblerson


As reported by Weekly World News, in 2004 American Cathy Cobblerson was selling her virginity on an auction website. Her goal was to achieve the $100,000 to pay of her debts.

However, that magazine might be fake, although is no solid evidence that her auction was real. But it has been mentioned in later articles by other publications, listing past virginity auctions.

The Texas girl reportedly broke the virginity auction records when she placed the ad saying that she is selling her virginity.

The ad was added on eBay and later it was taken down and it was not clear whether the auction by the same girl was taken elsewhere.

#5 Catarina Migliorini


Because selling your virginity is something usual, in 2012, Catarina Migliorini sold hers and became one of the most expensive virginities ever sold.

She did tried to sell it as a part of a planned documentary called Virgins Wanted directed by Australian director Justin Sisely.

The Brazilian student put up an ad online on an auction site that she was selling her V card, and someone paid $708,000.

That someone is a man named Natsu from Japan. After he fought hard for it against two American bidders and an Indian big spender, he won a date with Catarina.

As weird as it might seem, the girl insisted that she is not a prostitute, and she was doing it to raise money to build homes for poverty stricken families in her hometown. And to make a positive impact on the world.

#4 Elizabeth Raine


This is another shady selling. Why? It is quite unusual actually.

The medical student ‘Liz Raine’ turned virginity selling into a science. She was the only one who designed an auction website, complete with a link to the PR company who managed her bid, and an entire page devoted to Terms and Conditions of the arrangement.

Plus, more legal clauses like “Sexual Intercourse means insertion of a penis into a vagina”; and a promise to donate 35% of the sale to a charity that provides education to women in developing countries.

She basically turned virginity selling into a business. Because “love is not a part of this arrangement. It is only of a sexual and financial nature” as put by her.

Beginning anonymous, the site “gallery” featured an array of polished photographs showcasing the medical student’s body, face blacked out.

But several days ago, she posted new pictures showcasing her visage, which prompted the anonymous $801,000 winning bid within days.

#3 Graciela Yataco


The 18-year-old Graciela decided she should sell her innocence to pay for her mother’s medical bills.

Because the model from Peru was responsible for her mom’s bills and because she had to support her younger brother, she had to take the last resort- selling her V card.

Reportedly she is the one who started the entire virginity auction trend. Her innocence was a subject long debated and one time a Canadian man offered her $1.5 million for a date.

Mostly what she got from her religious countrymen was a lot of hate mail and public humiliation.

Yaraco was somehow still hopeful she could better her situation by selling her virginity, but at the last minute she backed out of the deal.

#2 Raffaella Fico


The 20-year old Italian model and competitor of “Big Brother Italy 2008” put her purity up for auction. With the money she intended to buy a house in Rome and pay for her acting classes.

#2 Raffaella Fico – $1.8 million

The 20-year old Italian model and competitor of “Big Brother Italy 2008” put her purity up for auction. With the money she intended to buy a house in Rome and pay for her acting classes.

Fico was so serious about this thing that she even swore she never had a boyfriend.

She promised to drop her underwear for $1.8 million. She said ‘if I don’t like in, I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it’.

She might have been a virgin and an innocent girl, but she was a total whore for cash and publicity.

By selling her virginity to $1.8 million, Raffaella Fico ranked second on the list of the most expensive virginities ever sold.

#1 Natalie Dylan


The 22-year-old Natalie Dylan auctioned her virginity through Moonlight Bunny Ranch to fund her Master’s degree.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from Sacramento State, she went on Howard Stern to sell her virginity to pay off her college education.

We don’t know if she was serious or not, because the whole thing seem strange. But she did received $3.7 million for her virginity, so something must have been truth in all this.

Rumors were that bids reached as high as 3.7 million for the privilege of popping her cherry. But according to Hof, the transaction was never consummated although Natalie did end up walking away with $250,000.


I am wondering if there are Filipina models out there who are still virgin and willing to sell it for a good cause lols!!! Yeah right tell that to the Marines! :)) mag run nalang ako kaysa walk.

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I'm not sure what that question means bro ummm why as in why does these men buys Virgin pussies or why as in why does these women sell their price possession.. sa number one question baka dahil sobrang yaman na nila eh they want to venture other fetishes such as findom (financial dominance) it satisfies them according to my research... Anyway sa mga babae naman eh well I have stated the reasons and it varies.. May iba dahil poverty talaga and yung iba tulad nung sa big brother contestant para lang sa luho niya.

Edited by Patrick
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Why as in are these guys so bored that they don't have anything better to do with their money? Just because they have the means to do it doesn't mean they should do it. But it's their money and they can do whatever they want with it (barring anything illegal of course). They aren't paying for women forced into white slavery and they weren't coercing the ladies so if you have the money to splurge, more power to you I guess. Me I'd probably rethink my life choices if it ever comes to the point that I'd spend so much money just to get poontang.


As for the girls, it's their body and they are of legal age. If they are fine with the arrangement and they feel they are safe and can back out anytime they want, then it's their decision. I think it's not one of the brightest ideas ever but no judgment.

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Kahit Hindi pa sila Virgin I won't spend money just to satisfy my crave.. There is the word free. Pinag hihirapan din yun. Like I said sa mga ibang post ko.. Tinotropa ko mga ganun ngayon kapag Hustler sila eh goodbye sila sa akin. May tinropa ako nun crush ko pero Hustler siya pero dahil type ko siya nakipag friends ako sakanya tapos naging mabaet sa akin to the point na ginawa niya ako pimp niya haha taga hanap ng gusto kumuha sakanya haha well I did not get any commission parang pure gratuity lang.. Tsaka mga barkada ko lang kasi kumukha sakanya. After nun gunaan loob niya talaga sa akin naging close kami at yun one day boom haha nakuha ko din. Tiyaga lang. Well for others ayaw nila ganun kasi nga no time na sa ganun tiyagaan I can't blame them kasi nga kadalasan married na gusto lang magpa tanggal ng stress mga bro natin.

With regard sa mga babae naman.. Yeah tama ka bro. Katawan nila yan at mga iba gusto nila yung ganun na ginagamit sila for sex and for a consideration :)

Edited by Patrick
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