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What is your Internet Service Provider ?

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Shaw High Speed Internet (150 mbps) - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

it's $100 CAD for the plan but currently on promotion for 50% off. I've been with Shaw since 2005, it's really good, never had any problems or drops compared to their rival, MTS. Got the 150 recently and it's been a breeze, been playing League of Legends with only 10 pings, used to have 40 which was already decent at the time. But since my entire family use a gadget, I had to go for the 150.

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Converge - 20mbps for Php 1,500/month. Best offer for a household connection sa lugar namin. Last month lang ako lumipat and so far so good naman.

I don't want to name names but my last ISP - it rhymes with Click Broadband - was pure garbage. Hindi lilipas ang isang buwan na hindi may issue ang connection. Last year, the worst was during November to December. Making them fix the problem was like getting your tooth extracted. 5 times pumunta sa bahay 'yung mga tech and even doon sa unang beses, they have identified na hindi sa end ko ang problem but it took them more than a month to fix it and ginawa lang nila nung may ibang taong nagrereklamo na rin sa area ko.





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3 hours ago, Haberdash said:

Same as boss Gory. ^_^ It's expensive but sulit naman, considering many of us it at home with no visible lag or bandwidth problems. ^_^ I used to use a 10 Mbps plan and that was not worth it at all. :(

Yes sir sulit, 1 year na ako nakasubscribe sa Fiber at mga 2 reports pa lang ang issue ko, which is nasosolve din the next day or within the night.  Unlike with globe and DSL connections na kada ulan grounded or may issue at may cap

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i'm using sky broadband 25mbps at 1,899/month for almost a month now (mandaluyong). no issues so far aside from the wifi strength of the bundled modem, and the 3mbps limit on the upload (which is not a big issue for me). i was supposed to get converge but sadly there are no available slots for me, and pldt fibr is still not available. since, i don't want to wait for any of those 2, i ended up with sky.

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We have the PLDT MyDSL Plan 1699 with up to 5 Mbps speed here in North Caloocan. It fits our needs. Disconnections are very rare and far in between. Connection is very stable. There are a few moments where there is moderate decrease in internet speed mostly due to congestion in my area. All in all it still good enough for our needs.

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